Freedom Platform
Effortless Instrumentation
Simply. Measured.
Freedom Platform is a low cost, rapidly-deployed, non-invasive instrumentation solution that can be configured to capture, analyze, and monitor virtually any kind of operational data in any environment.
Freedom Elements
Purpose-built, zero-configuration data collection hardware and infrastructure that deploys quickly and adapts to most any use case, environment, or operational scale.
Freedom Cloud
Global-scale, high-performance communication, integration, analytics, and fleet management platform.
Freedom Marketplace
Diverse collection of enhancements, integrations, and application-specific extensions built on top of Freedom Platform, available at the click of a button.
The Power of "Now"
Freedom Platform provides real-time insight into your minute by minute, hour by hour, and daily operations, without the cost, burden, and lead time of traditional approaches.
Batteries Included
The self-contained, modular design is the first truly turn-key solution for instrumenting and monitoring any operation, regardless of age or technology, without the installation of costly, complex, and overweight industrial automation systems.
Actionable Insight
Freedom Platform alerts the right people, at the right time, to minimize response and recovery delays and maximize output. Address operational challenges when they first present to minimize disruption, rather than waiting for signals and symptoms further downstream.
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